FTE stands for Full-Time Equivalent, which refers to the measurement of the amount of work done by full-time remote employees.


FTE Services refer to the services provided by a full-time equivalent employee. These services can include a variety of tasks, such as administrative work, customer service, technical support, and more.

What we do

  • Billing

    We will generate a bill for the services provided to the patient, including all relevant codes, diagnoses, and charges. This may involve using a billing software or an electronic health record (EHR) system.

  • Claim submission

    We will submit the claim to the insurance company or payer, either electronically or on paper. The claim includes all relevant information, such as patient demographic information, insurance information, and codes for the services provided.

  • Claims review

    The insurance company or payer reviews the claim to ensure that it complies with all policies and requirements, including verifying the codes, diagnoses, and charges. The insurance company or payer may also perform a medical review to determine the necessity and appropriateness of the services provided.

  • Payment or denial

    The insurance company or payer either approves the claim and issues payment or denies the claim based on its review. If the claim is approved, we will receive payment for the services provided.

  • Appeal

    If the claim is denied, we may submit an appeal to contest the denial and request payment for the services provided. The appeal should include any additional information or documentation to support the validity of the claim.

  • Follow-Up

    We may need to follow up with the insurance company or payer to ensure that the claim is processed in a timely manner and to resolve any issues that may arise.

Features & Benefits

Cost savings

Hiring a full-time employee can be expensive, especially in terms of benefits and overhead costs. By outsourcing FTE services, companies can save on these costs.

High Retention

Companies can scale their workforce up or down depending on their needs, without having to worry about hiring and firing employees.

Access to specialized skills

FTE services can be provided by individuals with specialized skills and expertise, allowing companies to access the talent they need without having to hire and train employees.

Improved quality

Outsourcing FTE services can lead to improved quality and increased efficiency, as the service provider has the resources and expertise to deliver the work to a high standard.

Focus on core business

By outsourcing FTE services, companies can focus on their core business activities, rather than being bogged down by administrative and support tasks.